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EP Review: Sleeping With Sirens - If You Were A Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack

Sleeping With Sirens have always been the band to play an acoustic set here and there, before or even after shows but finally Sleeping With Sirens has decided to record and write an 5 track acoustic EP titled If You Were A Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack to be released on the 26th of June via Rise Records.

The band has created acoustic tracks before and they’ve turned out amazing to see that transition, but now we have studio tracks of 5 incredible renditions of SWS classics, 3 old tracks (James Dean & Audrey Hepburn, Stomach Tied In Knots & With Ears To See And Eyes To Hear) plus 2 brand new tracks (Roger Rabbit & Don’t You Ever Forget About Me)

The 5 tracks have been placed as Scenes like a movie, beginning with James Dean & Audrey Hepburn, this song was the anthem to Sleeping With Sirens when they were formed we’ve heard acoustic renditions of this but the instrumentation of this track is amazing, the adding of all the percussion and shakers gives this song a lot more light to it’s acoustic guitar counterpart.

Stomach Tied In Knots came as a b-side of Let’s Cheers To This as an acoustic track/video it was played on occasion live and has been added to the EP, it was a crowd favorite and it’s now an acoustic track and it feels like it has a bit more life this time and has more passion, another crowd favorite With Ears To See And Eyes To Hear also makes an appearance on this release, it’s been re-done since it’s first acoustic appearance when they released their first album, it’s an oldie but it’s great to hear this track again.

The 2 new songs Roger Rabbit & Don’t You Ever Forget About Me, Roger Rabbit feels like this is Kellin’s track, it’s like an RnB song in the beginning but turns into a full SWS ballad, it’s a purely amazing song, Don’t You Ever Forget About Me on the other hand felt like a pop/rock song, the rhythm was bouncy and catchy, the duet between Kellin & Jessica Ess of The Atlantic is a great combination and it makes the song that much more enjoyable.

Sleeping With Sirens have gone in a perfect direction with this EP, fans have been wanting studio versions of their amazing acoustic songs, the preparation that went into this release was very needed, this EP well be one of my personal favorites by the band, it’ll will be my soundtrack to one situation or another.

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